Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

My first Blogaward!!

Today I really have to say "thank you" to Isi who gave me my first Blog Award!!

Here are the rules you have to follow:
1. Rental the person a blog award who rentals you a blog award.
2.Write seven thigs about your person.
3. Rental a blog award to 15 other peole (Sorry, I don`t get that ;))
4. Inform the other bloggers about their new blog award.

Here seven things about me:
1. I am addicted to sunglasses and watches.
2. I love my dog about everything.
3. I couldn`t live without my Canon eos 600d and my smartphone:)
4. Since I am writing this blog, I became really more creative.
5. I visited two years every week a drawing lesson.
6. I jog three to four times every week.
7. If I don`t do anything useful on each day, it`s a wasted day for me.

I rental a "One lovely blog award" to:
and last but not least my great Isi


  1. ohhh dankeschön! das ist ja jetzt schon mein zweiter! :D ich werd jetzt aber nicht nochmal eine awardverleihung machen, die letzte ist ja erst 2 tage her :D aber in meinem nächsten post erwähne ich dich aufjeden fall!

    xoxo iSi

  2. Congrats on your blog award! I loved reading the fun facts about you.